A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In Feareless Islands you are a humble miner that must escape his homeland before it gets invaded by the orcs. In order to achieve this you must travel through the land and fight different foes in order to reach the ship that will lead our hero away. 


Every fight is a card game match that, in case of victory, rewards the humble miner with more equipment to use in the next fights.

The twist is that you start ill-equipped with nothing more than yourself, your fists and your clothes.

Will you be able to help our humble miner? Be careful, though, not winning a fight means that you have to start over again, losing everything you got.

What to expect from this game

  • Pleasant graphics
  • Engaging strategic gameplay
  • Different foes to fights
  • Bugs ☹️ (we tried hard to squeeze all of them out, but this is Software Development, not Science)




  • Fixed critical problem in scrolling the card collection dialog


  • Initial public release


fearless-islands-windows-ld45.zip 250 MB
Version 4 Oct 08, 2019
fearless-islands-linux-ld45.zip 252 MB
Version 4 Oct 08, 2019
ld45.zip 252 MB
Version 4 Oct 08, 2019